7 Quick Takes: Shame-less Plug Edition


My favorite cartoon ever.

Skip down to #5 if you don’t want to hear about the awesome things I’m doing this coming week!

— 1 —

Let’s first start with this blog:

Yesterday I did my first installment of Theology of the Body Thursday. I don’t consider myself any kind of expert in Theology of the Body, but I think it is a very important thing to promote. It looks at Scripture and human experience and explains why the Church says what it does about sex. If you have any thoughts about marriage, sex, or the freaking awesomeness of the human body, please participate.

I will likely write about pop culture and current events, but there are many other ways at looking at these things. We’re talking human experience. There are as many ways of approaching it as there are people on the planet. Please join me next week.

— 2 —


About 20 years ago, an awesome book was published titled Pro-Life Feminism: Yesterday and Today. It featured a collection of writings from the earliest feminists to the feminists of 1995 making the case that feminism should not be synonymous with pro-abortion. Friends of mine are currently putting together an updated version titled Pro-Life Feminism: Today and Tomorrow. Submissions are due November 1st. As you can see above, for more information, please e-mail PLFtodaytomorrow@gmail.com. I’m working on mine as we speak.

— 3 —

Now for a couple John Paul II Center for Women plugs:

Next Monday is going to be our next Ladies Night Out: Food and Faith. Anne Costa, author of Embracing Edith Stein, will be visiting us again to share with us ways to stay strong in temptation and trial. If you missed her last time, she gave us an awesome, inspiring talk about the awesomeness of Edith Stein.

[You know, my son has been saying “awesome” a lot lately. I wonder who he got it from.]


Anyway, if you’re anywhere near Syracuse, NY, come hear her. You won’t regret it. Details here.

— 4 —

In other JPII Center news: We’re starting our study of Humanae Vitae on Tuesday. I have been looking forward to this for so long! Humanae Vitae is the papal document to turn to if you want some answers on why the church is so down on artificial birth control. Not to mention one part of it is chock-full of really creepy predictions about society.


These folks have more great contraception memes. Must take all the memes.

If you’re in the area, sign on up here. If you’re not, find out how to host one here.

— 5 —

I’ve been looking at Halloween costumes and once again, I’m struck by the enormous difference between men’s and women’s. Women and girls are expected to be sexy. What is up with that? Here’s a funny take on it by Buzzfeed.

— 6 —

And, speaking of funny videos, anyone who has ever met a toddler should see this:

— 7 —

Here is one last video. This one is a particularly important one about forgiveness.

Have a great week! God bless!

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