Theology of the Body Thursday #1: Running From Reality

Tove Lo- Habits

I heard the lyrics “sex club” and I almost turned the radio off. Then I thought, wait a sec, let’s see what this song is about. Maybe I can blog about it.

This sad song is about a woman trying to escape in food, sex and drugs from the pain of losing someone. She can’t deal with the suffering so she’s filling herself with all the hedonistic pleasures she can find.

In the artist’s defense, the song and the video doesn’t promote this coping mechanism. It shows these coping mechanisms warts and all. She’s shown laughing and smiling and making out with random people, that’s for sure. But she also looks very lost and broken. She’s suffering from a hang-over. She’s hiding in the bathroom so no one can see her crying. A very realistic view of how all of these things cannot fill the hole this loved one left behind.

We all have this hole, this ache, and it cannot be filled with food, sex, or drugs. It can’t even be filled by a significant other. It can only be filled with God. As a woman, the woman in the song is created to be a vessel for love and healing in this world. As a broken woman, she is running away trying to find love in all the wrong places. As GK Chesterton says, “Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.”

This is not-so-loosely related to an announcement I want to make. Next Monday will be our next Ladies Night Out Food and Faith. Anne Costa will be visiting us again to talk to us about how to weather the storms of our lives as faith-filled women. Join us and please RSVP ASAP e-mail or call (315) 673- 9458

You’ve probably guessed, but this is going to be a weekly thing. Please share your thoughts this week on marriage, sex, the awesomeness of the human body, or anything else Theology of the Body related using the link-up below.


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