My name is Bethanie Ryan. I am a work-at-home mother of a tall, skinny, extremely energetic pre-schooler. I blog and I run social media for the John Paul II Center for Women. I’m a pro-life feminist activist. I’m a convert to Catholicism and a recent theology school grad. I have a background in nursing and I am trained as a hospital/hospice chaplain. That background knowledge colors pretty much everything I do.

This blog is affiliated with the John Paul II Center For Women. This affiliation does not necessarily imply that the organization endorses everything stated on this blog.  They are a freaking awesome organization, though. They work to teach women about their God-given dignity. They promote Natural Family Planning and pro-life values. Women are awesome and their ability to make babies is not a disease to be treated with pills and shots and surgery. For more information about our organization, visit: http://www.jpiicenterforwomen.com/

Oh, and like us: https://www.facebook.com/JohnPaul2Center4Women

And follow us: https://twitter.com/jpiicenterwomen

I’m always posting pro-women stuff on both of those accounts!



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