Is the Bible Good for Women? Review


Is The Bible Good For Women? I’m gonna spoil the whole book for you. Yes, yes it is.

But really, in this well-researched, well-reasoned book, former Presbyterian deacon Wendy Alsup makes the case in this post-Christian, feminist world why the Bible is actually really really good news for women. The main premise is that you have to read the whole book through the lens of Jesus, which all Christians are really supposed to do anyway.

I had heard all the time in my Graduate studies that the Old Testament should be read in light of the New. In this book, she gives very solid examples of just that, tackling head on some of the hardest parts of scripture such as the rape of Dinah. All of these difficult parts of scripture look very different in light of the Savior.

As a Catholic reading this book, I still got plenty out of it. Yes, she probably has a much heavier emphasis on scripture than I do (“Sola Scriptura” and all that), but that does not mean that anything she says about Scripture is wrong. In fact, I love her concept of “The Bible is the best commentary on itself.” One can go crazy with all the commentaries and translations of the Bible out there, but as it was all inspired by God, often the best way to understand a difficult passage is to look at other related passages where the same word or phrase is used or the same topic is discussed. As a Catholic, another one of my favorite commentaries would have to be the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but what she says is still sound advice.

I also really, really loved her analysis of Genesis. She really skirted along the edges of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in her discussion of the God-given dignity of women and their role in the world. I wonder if Wendy Alsup has ever read about Theology of the Body or John Paul II’s Letter to Women. I think she’d appreciate his work.

In short, I’d recommend this book to anyone trying to defend the Bible in today’s world. She gives a fair hearing of the other side of the debate and then defends the Bible very well.

I was given the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review through my membership in Blogging for Books. It will be available at your favorite bookseller on March 21st.