Eye of the Tiber publishes Ground-breaking Catholic Exposé


It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will shock you. You cannot finish this book without being moved.

Eye of the Tiber, the leading website in Catholic news, has published some of their best eye-opening articles in a handy book form you can read when you’re stranded somewhere without the internet. All of the news stories you care about: liturgical tragedies, papal statements, the daily trials of being Catholic and more, written about in a way that will make you laugh and, if you want to, think. I loved the article chosen to be the last in the book, but you won’t appreciate it until you’ve read the whole book first, so no cheating!…

To read more of the review (and some more of the stuff I’ve written over the years) head over to Ignitum Today!

Editors note: You’re not crazy, I did accidentally publish another review this morning. It wasn’t quite ready for the world yet, so it’s been sent back to drafts to be published again at a later date.