My Badass Book of Saints- The Review


Are people so offended by the title of this book the only picture I can find of the cover online is from Amazon with “copyrighted image” printed across the top? Seriously, you can find worse language on daytime network TV. But anyway…

If you’re offended by the title of this book, get over it and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

There has been several books out in recent years by women reflecting on the role of the saints in their lives. My Badass Book of Saints is definitely my favorite of the group.

Like other books in this category, it’s part memoir, part hagiography, and part spiritual reflection. Unlike the other books in this category, it’s relatively light on the memoir, which I like. Her writing is always spunky and engaging. It’s full of fun and inspiring facts. She makes all of the (official and unofficial) saints in her book relatable and interesting. You’re guaranteed to learn something and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

A couple of her choices of saints mystify me. She lists Christina the Astonishing, a woman who practically came back from the dead and then spent the rest of her life doing strange and dangerous acts of penance. The lesson Ms. Johnson gets out of it is how inspirational Christina is to come back from the dead and go through all these trials for the souls in purgatory. What I get out of it is that even the mentally ill can become canonized saints. I guess you can say “potAYto, potAHto.” Part of the beauty of the saints is that different Catholics can get different ideas from the same figure.

Other saint stories include little-known facts about well-known figures such as Audrey Hepburn and other inspirational people you may have never heard of such as Nancy Wake.

Overall, very fun read. It’s currently available at your favorite book seller. Get it!