Theology of the Body Thursday #23: Check out the Mom-bod!


You may have seen the viral article “Why girls love the Dad Bod?”

This has led many to ask hard questions on why there is such a double standard for beauty. No one can doubt that while both genders feel the pressure to attain unrealistic beauty goals, women feel this more acutely. We have a higher rate of eating disorders and self-esteem problems. We spend more money on products designed to make us “look prettier” like make-up and diet aids.

As the parody video above explains, “”Most women who ate this year epitomize the mombod” and “If you’re a woman, you can be proud of your boobs, or your butt, or your lips, or your thigh gap, but not yourself or your body as a whole because you’re not a person.”

What would John Paul II say? I believe he’d point out that you are more than your body. He would point out that the woman’s body is beautiful as a womb for new life in whatever form (spiritual or physical).

I am disappointed that no one has yet mentioned that there is already a group hard at work promoting the mombod. 4th Trimester Bodies is a group I have been following for a while. They work to celebrate the bodies that have brought forth new life. Here is some of their work:





The pictures are accompanied by each woman’s childbirth story. So if you are looking for a dose of mom-power or are currently suffering from depression from your childbirth experience, I would definitely direct you to their site.