She Means Business: A Different Review


Today I’m gonna break from my usual routine of religious and spiritual books. I’ve been on an entrepreneur kick lately trying to get my rosary shop off the ground and looking into other opportunities. I’ve discovered there are hundreds of people out there who want to help women succeed as business owners. Two in particular have become my favorites. One of those, Carrie Green, has recently published a book.

She Means Business reads just like you’re sitting at a coffee shop talking business with your best friend. Carrie Green is so transparent, so real. She talks personally about the nitty-gritty of having an idea and working to make that idea a reality. She gives practical steps to help you solidify your idea and make it happen.

She talks about all the things we don’t want to admit: doubts, fears, procrastination, losing the fire. She gives tips to help through all those things.

You can easily read the book through in one sitting. All the writing is bite-sized and very conversational. I read it over a week because I tried to respond to all her action steps as I went along. If you buy it soon, you can join a Facebook group of like-minded women who are really great to get to know. You might have the option of taking the 28 day challenge with us (I’m not sure if that was only for pre-orders.)

I know a lot of my followers are Catholic like me so I will add a disclaimer: Yes, she does sprinkle in some of that new-age-y, pop psychology stuff that might make you uncomfortable. Like, didn’t that nun back in grade school warn us about this stuff? I think the value of the book far outweighs those sprinkles though and it’s really not that bad.

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely road, it’s good to have a girlfriend, even if she’s a book and she doesn’t share your religious views. And, as I’m sure Carrie would encourage, look for another entrepreneur to meet with in person, too!