Prepare the Right Way: Advent with Mother Teresa


As Bishop Barron is quoted in the introduction:

There can never be too much love; there is never a time when love is inappropriate, for love is what God is, and love constitutes the very life of heaven. Mind you, in heaven there is no need for faith, and hope fades away. But in that supremely holy place, love remains in all of its infinite intensity and radicality. Mother Teresa’s way of life, accordingly, is an icon of the love that we will obtain in heaven, when we are drawn utterly into the very life of God.

Sounds like something I want in my Advent. What about you?

This book is made to be used year after year and I’m sure it will take many years to really start to plumb its depths. Unlike the little booklets you’ll find around this time of year in the back of Church, this book has extra days and special feasts added so that it can be used again and again. The concepts covered in the daily reflections are deep and complex and sure to give you a new thing to ponder every year.

You may ask how can a religious sister in Calcutta be applicable to my life here and now. The author, Heidi Hex Saxton, did some of the work for you. Her life couldn’t be any more different from Teresa’s as a working mom in the United States, but she shares with you her personal reflections on Mother Teresa’s words and actions and how they apply to her life and the human condition.

You may also ask how does Mother Teresa relate specifically to the season of Advent. Although through these reflections you will be given many answers to that question, I think the best answer for me was in the way that Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the poor. Just as God Himself comes to us in the season of Advent in the “distressing disguise” of an infant in poverty, Mother Teresa saw God in the “distressing disguise” of those she cared for.

Advent starts this Sunday, so I suggest you get this book now. But even if it doesn’t quite come in time, keep it in mind for the future and start it this year in the middle of the book. In any case, you’re sure to get plenty out of it.

I got the opportunity to read this book through my membership in Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Franciscan Media for the opportunity. It is available at your favorite bookseller now. I even saw it online at, maybe due to the popularity of this newly canonized saint.