Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet: Book Review


I was über excited when I won this book from the Dominican Institute. I had heard a lot about it and I’ve been praying the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet back to back regularly for a few months (ever since I learned about my maternal grandfather’s death). I wanted to see what it would look like praying them together. I was not disappointed, however I think it’ll take more practice to really get somewhere with it.

So far, I have prayed the Joyful Mysteries a couple times with the assistance of this book. At first, it is a little jarring to pray 10 Hail Marys followed more-or-less immediately by a decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, but you do get used to it. I was particularly intrigued by the reflections that went with the mysteries however. I’ve never read a set of reflections that connected each of the Joyful Mysteries with the mystery of the Cross before. It’s strange and edifying to look at each of the Joyful Mysteries in light of Jesus’ death. Looking ahead, all of the reflections in this book connect each of the 20 mysteries to the passion and death of Jesus.

Why? It is one way of marrying the two prayers. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is all about the Crucifixion, asking for God’s mercy in light of it. Other great thinkers such as Venerable Fulton Sheen have pointed out that the Gospels need to be read in light of Jesus’ crowning moment on the cross. These meditations participate in that.

Honestly, I had wondered if putting the prayers together would save me time in prayer, but it doesn’t. Don’t come to this book thinking it’ll save you time. Come to this book wanting to deepen your prayer life.

You do not need to be really familiar with both prayers to be able to follow this book, but it does help to have some familiarity with the Rosary. You don’t need to be familiar with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at all, as the book does give a good introduction to it.

Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet is available at your favorite bookseller now. I highly recommend it for deepening your prayer life and an opportunity to look at the Rosary and the Chaplet in a new way.

PS: I highly recommend clicking on the link above to check out the book on Amazon for two reasons:

  1. Shane Kapler messaged me on FB to encourage you to look at the “Look Inside” feature on the book on Amazon. It gives you a taste of the cool, classical art work that accompanies every reflection on every mystery of the Rosary.
  2. I’m now an Amazon affiliate, so if you click on that link and buy anything from Amazon (doesn’t have to be the book, although I highly recommend it), I get a cut at no extra cost to you. Please support my family and this blog!

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