The Well: Review of a Retelling of a Familiar Story


As I said a couple months ago, Walk in Her Sandals made me a fan of Stephanie Landsem. So I went out later that week to get a couple of her books from the library. Due to life and everything else, I am just now publishing the review from that reading. (Blame NetGalley and Blogging for Books for having such an awesome selection this fall.)

Two things I usually don’t like reading, novels by other women (I know, that sounds horrible ­čśö) and historical novels, are both here. Normally, I wouldn’t have given this book a second look, but after reading Walk in Her Sandals, I knew I could trust the author, so I specifically looked for this book. I’m glad I found it and I intend to buy a copy.

The Well follows the story of the daughter of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-26). Not a terribly far stretch that a woman with 5 husbands has two kids. The first half of the book introduces the situation and connects you to the characters. Then, we reach the visit from a mysterious stranger and everything changes.

Just like in Walk in Her Sandals, I’m impressed by how much homework the author clearly did. And not only did she do her homework with the story she told, but with the way she told it. The two main characters, Mara and Shem, illustrate very well the feminine and masculine genius, the sexual complementarity┬áthat our Church teaches. From a Theology of the Body perspective, this book is very illustrative of what John Paul II was talking about.

The story has something to say for everyone. It has sacrifice, hard work, love, healing, hope and a wide variety of characters. Wherever you are in life, this book has a message for you and I’m sure that message is from the Holy Spirit.

One reviewer on Amazon complained that it has a sad ending. I wouldn’t call it a sad ending. I don’t think Mara, the daughter, would consider it sad at all. I think she would say it was all for the glory of God. I don’t want to give too much away, but it does touch on another popular story from Scripture.

The Well is available at your favorite book seller now. It was the first in the Living Water Series and I look forward to reading the whole series.





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