The (not-so) Private Prayers of John Paul II- A Review


Apparently somebody who is very Catholic regularly donates to my local Goodwill. There is always a selection of Catholic Bibles and a Catechism. A year or so ago, I discovered a copy of Kimberly Hahn’s Life-Giving Love. Last week, I was there in search for clothes for an upcoming cosplay convention and discovered a whole slew of St. John Paul II books. It was hard not bringing them all home. I settled on The Private Prayers of John Paul II.

This collection of prayers written by John Paul II was exactly what I needed right now. If you are to read it straight through like I did, it’s a very quick read at only 250 pages, most of it either short essays or poetry. I would recommend, however, getting a copy for reference and certainly to take with you into Adoration. In fact, I think every Adoration Chapel needs a copy.

Between the reading and my hot chocolate with just a splash of Bailey’s, I was lulled into a peaceful place every night I read this book. I could almost hear John Paul II through these pages (I am a JPII Catholic). The prayers cover a wide variety of topics. They were mostly written in the 80’s and 90’s, but what he says is often very applicable to the United States in 2017. The translator really conveyed the fact that John Paul II was a tremendous writer. Very little of the real poetry of his prayers was lost in translation.

Apparently, this is volume two of four in a series of books of (not-so) private prayers. I say “not-so” because many, if not most of these prayers are from public addresses and letters. It is lovely to have them all in one book, though. I will have to look the other three books in the series up sometime. They are all found fairly easily used on your favorite book-selling website. Or you can luck out at your local Goodwill like I did.



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