Review of Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage


I have confessed here before, I have struggled and still somewhat struggle with Church teaching regarding homosexuality. This places me somewhat outside of the intended audience for this book, but I think that’s a good thing. As a faithful Catholic with questions, I have read a lot on this issue and could probably defend it better than many people who simply accept it without questions.

This is the best reasoned, most complete secular case against same-sex marriage I have ever read. Although I learned about it through a Catholic writer I respect, the book itself doesn’t go into religion until the end when he discusses what the movement for traditional marriage needs to look like in order to succeed. He argues that churches and organized religion need to play a pivotal role in the fight for traditional marriage.

On several occasions in the book, Anderson correctly points out that the redefining of marriage didn’t start with Obergefell v. Hodges but with the sexual revolution, free-love, and no-fault divorce. Same-sex marriage is just the latest effect in an overall break down of the understanding of marriage. Recent history has turned marriage into something consenting adults do out of desire, because it feels good.

As he says over and over again in the book, children are made victims of adult desires and “an adult culture war.” One of his strongest arguments in this book is the damage this entire debate is having on children: The children of the private school that has to shut down because it refuses to teach that homosexual behavior is okay. The children that are raised by a same-sex couple, by default being robbed of either their mother or their father. The children of Christian business people driven to ruin by lawsuits. I am very disappointed that in all of these secular arguments, he doesn’t once mention that the UN itself stated that children have the right to be raised by their own parents.

I do appreciate him tackling the constant comparison made between same-sex marriage and interracial marriage. How any thinking person could see that comparison as anything other than patently absurd is beyond me? Race and sexual orientation are like apples and oranges. Come on, gay marriage advocates, you have better arguments than that!

Ryan Anderson is ready to destroy whatever arguments you have.

Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom is available at your favorite bookseller now. It seems to be explicitly for those who already believe that marriage is only between and man and a woman. It tries to give people in that population the tools to defend their beliefs in the public square and a blueprint for what a successful movement needs to look like. As I said in the beginning though, I would like to broaden that to people on the fence and people on the other side. Whatever your beliefs on the issue, you will learn something from this book.


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