Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: What to get your mom for Christmas


Sorry Netgalley and Ave Maria Press for taking so long to write a review on this one. I wanted to get a good sample of it read before I said anything.

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion is the perfect book for the Catholic mom in your life. Every reflection is only a couple of pages long with a short prayer and a thought to ponder throughout your day. It’s short enough to fit into the most hectic morning.

This collection features the best writers (who am I kidding all the writers at are good!) and each day covers a very different topic. Often it discusses something appropriate for the time of the liturgical year or a certain feast day, but just as often it’s a simple reflection on the nitty-grittiness of life as a mom. The variety of topics keeps you reading and gives you something to look forward to each day.

I also blew off writing this review in order to have the product fresh in your mind as you start shopping for Christmas. At around 10 to 15 bucks, depending on where you shop, it’s a great gift to give to the Catholic mother in your life. (Note: It is cheapest at and Barnes and Noble, although it is always best to support the little bookstores when possible.)

Personally, I started this book about midway through the year and I look forward to reading it anew in the new year. Because of the way that the reflections truly all stand on their own, it’s not a big deal if you don’t start at the beginning. I’m just looking forward to reading this on my own without a book review over my head just working through the reflections as part of my morning routine.

Thank you Ave Maria Press for the opportunity. As you probably noticed, I did get the opportunity to read this book as part of my membership in Netgalley. Really, go get this book for the Catholic moms you know today!


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