My Life with The Saints: Popular for a Good Reason


Ten years ago, I was a college student and a recent convert to the Church. If I had seen this book in the bookstore, I wouldn’t have picked it up because I already had plenty on my plate to read. Although I was a Catholic nerd, I was more interested in Biblical studies and apologetics rather than reading about saints, much less memoirs that revolved around saints.

I’ve noticed in recent years, however, that this particular kind of Catholic memoir has been becoming more and more common. Maybe Fr. Martin started a trend.

Anyway, it was probably better this way, with me reading it 10 years after it’s peak in popularity. More age, more wisdom, more appreciation for the saints mentioned in this book.

And are their saints in this book? I counted at least 20 or so mentioned. Lots of background given to a very varied group of holy people.  I can guarantee that at least one of them will be new to you and they are all very fascinating. He shares their stories interwoven with his own and may highlight parts of their lives that you never really thought about before. He certainly shed a different light on some of my favorites like Dorothy Day and St. Aloysius Gonzaga. (By the way, they aren’t all canonized saints, but they are all people who at least have a cause open. So, please, don’t be picky.)

His story which we see through these stories is highly relatable and perfect especially for anyone who has had trouble with discernment. His journey to the Jesuits mirrors many such journeys today. Haven’t we all, regardless of our destination, had trouble getting there and hearing God?

I want to thank Loyola Press for the opportunity to read this great book that I missed the first time around. I hope everyone who missed it has an opportunity to catch it this time. I was able to read this through my membership in Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



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