“Be Not Afraid”- Jesus, St. John Paul II…


From this artist. Check her out!

I state right from the outset: “Be not afraid!” This is the same exhortation that resounded at the beginning of my ministry in the See of St. Peter. Christ addressed this invitation many times to those he met. The angel said to Mary: “Be not afraid!” (Luke 1:30) The same was said to Joseph: “Be not afraid!” (Matthew 1:20) Christ said the same to the apostles, to Peter, in various circumstances, and especially after his Resurrection. He kept telling them: “Be not afraid!” He sensed, in fact, that they were afraid. They were not sure if who they saw was the same Christ they had known. They were afraid when he was arrested; they were even more afraid after his Resurrection. The words Christ uttered are repeated by the Church. And with the Church, they are repeated by the Pope. I have done so since the first homily I gave in St. Peter’s Square. “Be not afraid!” These are not words said into a void. They are profoundly rooted in the Gospel. They are simply the words of Christ himself.

– St. John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope

His feast day is tomorrow! Please remember this awesome saint! JPII, pray for us!


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