The Four Keys to Everylasting Love: A Book Review


The Four Keys to Everlasting Love is in many ways the best marriage advice book I’ve read this year. It breaks down the four requirements of a Catholic marriage (free, faithful, fruitful, and total) and practically applies them to our real lives.

The book seems to be predominately written by Karee Santos with valuable input from her husband such as his side of certain stories and a look into some of the situations he has seen as part of his practice as a therapist. This is a good thing. Her story as a successful lawyer who now stays at home with the kids is a story that needs to be heard. Their story as a mixed faith couple, mixed background couple is one that can help many people. There are also many other stories from tons of other couples and individuals, I can guarantee someone’s story will speak to your own.

This book is helpful for anyone: engaged, divorced, married for 20 years…anyone. Each chapter concludes with questions, action steps, and a quote from the Catechism. The entire book concludes with a guide for using this book as part of a group study and a copious amount of resources for further study into the topics the book covers.

I got the opportunity to review this book through my membership in NetGalley. Thank you Ave Maria Press. This book is available now at your favorite bookseller.


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