The Navarre Bible: Acts of the Apostles- A Review


When you can’t find a decent picture online, make one yourself.

The Navarre Bible is a Catholic study Bible created by the Theology faculty of the University of Navarre in Spain. It is filled to the brim with references to the Church Fathers, Papal documents and Vatican II documents. The commentators are clearly enamored with St. Josemaria Escriva. Barely a page goes by without a quote from him. (Granted, he is very quotable.)

Unlike many of the books I have reviewed recently, it took me over a year to get through this book. I went through it first reading the chapter in Acts then reading all the footnotes that applied to that chapter. I tried to stick to a chapter a day, but life and other books got in the way, not to mention the richness of this book, so a 28 day project turned into almost a year and a half.

The commentary has something for everyone. I’m one of those who likes to get into the historical meat of the Bible and the footnotes were very illuminating on that front. If you want a more spiritual reading, however, this book is good for that as well. They try to apply the experiences of Paul and the early apostles to our lives as Christians trying to live lives of holiness in today’s world. The commentary is from 1992, but what it has to say is still exceptionally relevant in 2016.

If you want to dive deep into any book of the Bible, I would recommend for you to find The Navarre Bible commentary for that book. There is one for all of the books of the New Testament and I believe for many (if not all) the books of the Old Testament. Don’t worry that it will be over your head. The read is challenging, but rich and not overwhelming. These Bible commentaries should be available at any Catholic book seller. If you don’t see it, definitely ask or look online.


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