Divine Mercy for Moms: A Book Review


Divine Mercy for Moms serves as a good introduction to people who are new to the devotion of Divine Mercy while also helping to deepen the faith for those who are Divine Mercy veterans. It’s a short, quick read for those who are wanting a nice dose of Divine Mercy reading and reflection, but it is really meant for deeper reading. It is the perfect book for moms in this Year of Mercy.

Each chapter contains a blend of personal reflections and useful facts written by either Michele or Emily. They take some pains to make sure that the reader can tell which author is writing when, and that can be a bit distracting, but not too bad. They really relate the work of this nun to the lives of everyday moms out in the world today.

Each chapter concludes with reflection questions and practical advice to apply the lessons of the chapter to your everyday life. The entire book concludes with a useful guide to group study of this book. I was unable to participate in a group study of this book, but I could easily see how such a study would be very enriching.

Moms are very important in passing on the faith and being a reflection of Christ in the world. This book helps as a tool for moms living out their vocation. As the quote from Fr. Gaitley on the cover says, “I hope you will read this book and help save the world.”

No review of this book can go without mentioning the website that the authors created to accompany the book. Divine Mercy for Moms the website is full of resources to help deepen your devotion and to reach out to other moms who are also trying to apply St. Faustina’s message of mercy to their daily lives.

I was able to read this book through my membership in NetGalley. Thank you Ave Maria Press for the opportunity. It is available now through your favorite bookseller.


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