Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage: A Book Review


If you didn’t get it the first time, you should be jealous that we have Chris Padgett and you don’t. I want to extend that now to his wife, Linda.

Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage gives heartfelt advice to married couples and those preparing for marriage. Their advice is based on the cardinal and theological virtues as well as something very, very important to our overall spiritual health, prayer. Each chapter features a blurb from Linda, a blurb from Chris, an explanation of all the misconceptions couples have and a exposition of how Christian couples should work to improve their relationships. Each chapter is concluded with some practical questions and exercises that don’t necessarily have to be completed as a couple. The book overall is quite friendly for people who just want to read this without their partner, although you would likely see more fruit if you did the book together as a couple.

This book exemplifies in many ways a graphic I recently found on Facebook:


This book would be a valuable part of marriage prep for Catholics or, I would extend it to, any conservative Christian. If you are married, you can get a lot of useful tools out of this book. They are very candid about their struggles and how they have grown in their relationship.

This book is currently available at your favorite bookseller.


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