The Name of God is Mercy: A review


If you haven’t already read it, you should. If you didn’t even know this book was published, what rock have you been living under? I read this book quite a while ago and only came to the realization recently that I had yet written anything about it.

20160202_153320 (1)

This picture was taken at my local grocery store, for crying out loud. Can you recall the last time a book by the Pope was sold at a grocery store?

This interview with Pope Francis should be required reading for this Year of Mercy. For people who are very familiar with Pope Francis and already read everything written about him, some of the stories and reflections made in this book will come as no surprise. However, even in these familiar stories, there are new details and there is nothing like hearing these stories in the Pope’s own words.


Unfortunately for a generation in search of sound-bites, this book unlike Pope Francis’ speeches doesn’t have very many one-liners. As someone who works in social media, I remember being very disappointed with that. But that is not to say that the book isn’t rich and could serve as a good source of meditation in your prayer time.

It is a good reminder of something we all need to keep in mind: God is love and completely abounding in mercy.

This book is available just about anywhere. It might even still be at your grocery store somewhere. Pick it up and read it, especially before the end of the Year of Mercy.




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