Like Living Among Scorpions: A Book Review


This book will make you laugh out loud every other page. Like, for real. Not texting LOL to your friends. Actually having a good belly laugh, maybe literally rolling on the floor. (But if you do that, beware of scorpions. Just saying.)

Jennifer Fulwiler will make you feel a lot better about yourself, especially if you are a mom. She’s hilarious. She’s candid. She’s real. We should all buy this book as a late Mother’s Day present.

I just finished this book in less than a day. I took it with me everywhere. Even out to dinner with the family knowing full and well that I wouldn’t be able to read at the restaurant because I’d be too busy keeping my son from destroying the place.

The next morning, as I was unable to get my laptop to work, I finished reading the book as he played in the bathtub. Rolling on the floor of my bathroom, James asked what I was reading. “A really funny book,” was all I could answer.

This book is a collection of essays (many of which are old blog posts). About half of them somehow involve a scorpion infestation she once had. If this book doesn’t make you laugh, you have no sense of humor. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Like Living Among Scorpions is, unfortunately, only available as an e-book.



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