Wholly Mary, a review: CNY has Chris Padgett and you don’t :P

wholly mary

This book demonstrates why you should all be jealous that we in the Syracuse area has Chris Padgett now and you don’t.

Read in less than a week, this book is an excellent introduction to everything Mary. If you have any questions about Mary, pick this book up. If you have Protestant friends or family who really don’t understand your obsession with Mary, buy it for them. It’s a shame this book is $13 bucks (the Kindle is a little better at $10), but that’s really my only complaint about this book.

A couple weeks ago, we had a packed crowd for our Ladies Night Out Food and Faith. Chris spoke about the Bible story where Peter comes out of the boat to walk on water to Jesus. He was a very engaging, very funny speaker and I believe we all got a lot out of it. I bought two books, Wholly Mary and Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage. As soon as I had an opening in my reading schedule, I went straight to Wholly Mary.

As previously stated, it serves as a great introduction to Mary. It looks at her from both the Bible and Tradition to make sense out of all the wonderful and strange things the Catholic Church teaches about Mary. He goes further than that, however, in applying these teachings to reality and your personal life. I think he’d like me to say that above all, this book is meant to serve as an invitation to a deeper relationship with Our Lady and therefore with Our Lord.

Wholly Mary is available at your favorite booksellers. Chris Padgett now lives in the central New York area. We at John Paul II Center for Women intend to give him a lot of business, but if you need a speaker for your group, I’m sure we can fit you in.


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