Everbody has a Body! Theology of the Body for Preschoolers


OMG! When I saw these books reviewed by Catholicmom.com, I put them on my wishlist right away, but it wasn’t until months later that I was finally able to purchase them, thankfully at a local Catholic bookstore so I could support the local store rather than Amazon with my money.

Without even opening the book, I was first struck by the illustrations. These are easily among the most diverse illustrations I’ve ever seen. It really helps to show the diversity of the Body of Christ and that God made all bodies, boy bodies, girl bodies, bodies of every hue and ability.

Of all the religious books I’ve bought my son, he took to these the best. He looked at them as we checked out at the store. He messed with them when we got home. He had me read them to him repeatedly the first few nights that we had them. He even quoted from them. (“Mommy, you have a girl body. Daddy, you have a boy body. I have a boy body.”) That’s about as high a praise my 4-year-old is capable of giving a book.

These books really do summarize some of the most important points of Theology of the Body for little minds to comprehend. I think that the fact these books even exist is a great and beautiful thing! The fact that they appeal to my child is only a bonus!


2 thoughts on “Everbody has a Body! Theology of the Body for Preschoolers

  1. Hi Bethanie,
    What a great review! Thank you! We love TOB and St. John Paul…he has ushered in a greater understanding of the human person that resonates with all who want fullness of life. God bless you, Sr. Martha

    • Thank you, Sr. Martha, for your comment! TOB is awesome and these books give a great little introduction. I’m even planning on using them next month when I do a presentation to my Lay Dominican chapter on TOB. I think they’ll be a good jumping off point for my lecture for adults who may never had heard of it before.

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