Saints Behaving Badly: A Book Review


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed out loud…a lot. I learned…a lot. This very short, very quick read was just simply…a lot.

Did you know about the early Pope who, in a previous career, got into trouble for basically screwing over widows? Did you know about the saint who literally screwed (biblically) a bunch of pilgrims only to have an intense conversion experience in the Holy Land? Have you met my new favorite female saint who was a wily, strong woman (if somewhat violent) both before and after her conversion to Christianity?

I was compelled many times during reading this book to share stories from it with others. It’s full of that many great stories that really make the saints into human beings.

It helps you to see the saints as normal people who through perseverance and, more importantly, the gratuitous grace of God became great.

My only complaint, and this is only because I just recently heard a lecture on St. Francis of Assisi, is that the author blurs the lines between Francis legend and history. This is forgivable because Francis is so completely seeped in legend.

It is a very fun book that everyone and anyone can enjoy. Especially pick it up if you have a problem relating to the saints. And bring a friend with you to read this. It is a book you’ll want to share.



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