Theology of the Body Thursday #36: My Body Isn’t Just for Marriage


Today I want to share with you a very insightful article from Reverb Culture. It’s by a single woman, Sarah Kuenzi, reflecting on what exactly bugs her about the way Theology of the Body is usually taught.

Theology of the Body, in its most basic form, shows us that the spiritual is shown through the physical. Our bodies have a sacramental purpose, because they both reveal and affect the truth of who we are. 

Recently I started reading a book with a couple close friends entitled These Beautiful Bones– An Everyday Theology of the Body by Emily Stimpson – I highly recommend it. Through this book, along with good old Scripture and Catechism, prayer, and honest conversations, I’m slowly becoming more conscious of how the physical and the spiritual interweave with one another. I’m discovering the true heart of John Paul II’s writings. In our work, social interactions, and leisure, our bodies are so often disconnected and disengaged from our minds. It’s easy to dismiss the physical aspect of our humanity, especially if we don’t like the way our bodies look, or the temptations that seem to stem from them. But our bodies and spirits are tied together, and we need both. God has called us to redeem our whole selves – body and soul.

Please read the whole article here:

I highly recommend it.


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