Want an Abortion? They have an app for that.

Last week, I talked a little about Women on Waves and their offer of free abortion drugs for people in Zika-affected areas. Today I want to share with you their app for anyone seeking a medical abortion.

womenonwaveslogoIt’s more than a little scary and I almost puked a little when I first found it. I’m not going to give you a link to the app. You can find it easily enough if you look. And it’s free.

So, about the app. It lists every country in the world and gives a summary of its laws regarding abortion. It gives links to find local clinics and other ways to get help getting an abortion.

Nothing about pro-life options at all. The only mention of adoption on the entire app in on the third question in the evaluation where they ask what you want to do about your pregnancy. The options they give are simply abortion, adoption, or keep the baby. The website they give for more information about adoption is useless. So much for choice.

Perhaps the most scary part of the app is the option to get pills for a medical abortion. It asks to you take an online evaluation. A doctor will look at the evaluation and for a (negotiable) fee, you can get the pills delivered to your door. Now, someone, tell me how this is legal! It’s not like there aren’t laws about shipping stuff in the mail, despite what the app claims. It claims that “In most countries there is no violation of customs regulations when you receive the medicines at your home address [for personal use].” That’s not even true in the US.

Don’t worry, they give a helpful video explaining how to take the drug:

The video encourages lying to your health care provider. But I sure hope you didn’t lie during your online evaluation. That would be bad.

In their defense, as much as it pains me to say anything in their defense, they are transparent about the risks to the woman and they strongly recommend having an ultrasound if possible to determine the age of the unborn child (so much so that they will stop an evaluation if you say you have not had one). They tell you to make sure you have friends with you when you take the drugs and to be within an hour from a medical center.

That recommendation, the fee and the fact all of this is available on a phone app makes the whole thing reek of classism. Only the wealthy in countries in which abortion is severely restricted would have access to this service. Wealthy people would likely have other means to break the law and usually poverty is a driving force behind needing an abortion in the first place.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you with this nasty taste in your mouth. I will in coming weeks talk more about pro-life apps to help women facing unplanned pregnancies, but here is a list to get you started:

The Life App- Android   iTunes   Windows

SUG- Android   iTunes

And numerous individual crisis pregnancy centers have their own apps. Just search “pro-life” in your favorite app store.





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