A Book Review: The Choice of the Family


The Choice of the Family is a book-long interview with Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary for the Pontifical Council for the Family, by the equally observant and quotable Pierre and Veronique Sanchez. It should be no surprise that the book is a translation, however it doesn’t read like one.

The Bishop is full of wisdom. He speaks extensively of his experiences growing up in a family and his observations of families as a priest. There is a thought-provoking quote on every page.

The book’s subject matter is very broad, speaking about everything facing the family from engagement to child-rearing. Nothing remains untouched and he speaks quite frankly about the role of media and society in making life difficult for families. He doesn’t leave it at only blame, though. He gives practical advice and a handful of inspiring stories to help us.

I will be sharing numerous quotes from this book for at least a year on various John Paul II Center for Women social accounts, but I want to conclude this review by giving you a taste of what I got out of this book.




I got the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review through my membership in Blogging for BooksThe Choice of the Family is available now at your favorite bookseller.



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