UPDATED: Zika and Abortion

It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that abortion-rights advocates have been using a terrible disease called Zika to push their agenda, trying to topple some of the toughest abortion laws in the world.

Zika is a disease spread by mosquitoes and it is currently found mainly in Central and South America. The majority of people who catch it never feel any symptoms. Most of those who feel symptoms will feel like they caught the flu and the symptoms are gone within days, so they will never seek medical attention and never be formally diagnosed. Zika rarely results in death.


So, why is this a news story? Zika is still a mystery and may cause some serious health issues like Guillain-Barre. There is thought to be a link between Zika and the birth defect, microcephaly. This link is unproven, but it is enough for abortion-rights advocates to storm the Supreme Federal Court in Brazil and for a particularly despicable group, Women on Waves, to offer free abortion pills to anyone living in Zika-affected areas.

Women in these countries are being told by their government not get pregnant for two years while the bishops’ are taking a strong stance for life. It’s impossible not to sympathize with their fear and confusion. Enter Brazilian journalist Ana Carolina Caceres. She has microcephaly, and she says:

I believe that abortion is a short-sighted attempt to tackle the problem. The most important thing is access to treatment: counselling for parents and older sufferers, and physiotherapy and neurological treatment for those born with microcephaly.

I believe her whole article should be required reading for anyone in this debate. The link is unproven. The birth defect isn’t a death sentence. And even if it were, all life is sacred. These activists should be ashamed of themselves.

UPDATE: Doctors in the region are now saying that they believe that the outbreak of microcephaly is caused by the larvacide (insecticide that targets baby mosquitos) being used to combat Zika rather than Zika itself.


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