Thoughts on Christmas from St. John Paul II

nativityEmmanuel! You are in our midst. You are with us. [You are] coming down to the uttermost consequences [of the Covenant] made from the beginning with man, and in spite of the fact that it was violated and broken so many times…You are with us! Emmanuel! In a way that really surpasses everything that man could have thought of you. You are with us as man. You are wonderful, truly wonderful, O God, Creator and Lord of the universe, God with the Father Almighty! The Logos! The only Son! God of power! You are with us as man, as a newborn baby of the human race, absolutely weak, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger, “because there was no place for them” in any inn (Luke 2:7). Is it not precisely that because you became man in this way, without a roof to shelter you, that you became nearest to man? Is it not precisely because you yourself, the newborn Jesus, are without a roof that you are nearest to those brothers and sisters… who have lost their homes through the terrible earthquakes and storms? And the people that really come to their aid are precisely the ones who have you in their hearts, you who were born at Bethlehem without a home.

– St. John Paul II, Christmas Day Prayer at the Vatican, 1980


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