CS Lewis and the Crisis of a Christian: A Book Review


This book sat unread on my Kindle for months and months. I think I received it from Netgalley before Christmas last year. It was just one of those books that sounded good at the time, but by the time I was ready to read it, I couldn’t care less. I started the introduction and it put me to sleep, so I put the book down for another couple months.

Finally, in May, on my way to visit family, I restarted and finished this book in one marathon reading session. This book is certainly not for the casual reader. You gotta be a philosophy and religion nerd like me to really appreciate it.

Once I got out of the introduction, the story ceased to be so dry. Cootsona systematically goes through everything that ever challenged the faith of Lewis. He draws on everything that Lewis ever wrote to explain how he faced these challenges. He researched C.S. Lewis for years and it shows. Interspersed with this reflection on Lewis’ thought, Cootsana gives a few fleeting glimpses of his own faith journey.

All in all, it was a good book and I’m glad I volunteered to review it. I would recommend it to any theology nerd.

As you read, I got the opportunity to read this book through my membership in Netgalley. Thank you Westminster John Knox Press sharing this book. C.S. Lewis and the Crisis of a Christian is available now at your favorite bookseller.


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