Theology of the Body Thursday #26: Cool Organizations: Stop Surrogacy Now



What is wrong with surrogacy? If a couple wants a child and a woman agrees to be a surrogate, what’s wrong with it?

This is what is wrong:

  1. Women are not incubators. We are not machines. People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used, not the other way around. Regardless of pay, a woman’s most intimate parts are not tools.
  2. Children are not commodities. There is no “right” to a child. The idea that a couple has a “right” to a child is a very dangerous one indeed. This opens the door to all sorts of abuses in the name of “having a child.” The idea of children has commodities, as things, once gave the blank check to anyone who wanted child labor. Let surrogacy have the same fate that child labor once did in this country.
  3. A child, on the other hand, as a human being has rights, and one of those rights, as listed by the UN, is the right to his or her biological parents.

What can you do about it?

From the Center of Bioethics and Culture:

Stop Surrogacy Now brings together a worldwide, ethnically, religiously, and culturally diverse group opposed to the exploitation of women and the human trafficking of children through surrogacy.


With support from 16 organizations and more than 100 individuals from 18 countries, Stop Surrogacy Now demands recognition that surrogacy exploits women (in many cases poor and marginalized) who are paid to bear children. Often these women are subject to coercion, restrictive or substandard living conditions, and poor health care. In addition, surrogacy carries many severe, short- and long-term health risks. Many surrogates live as indentured persons with 24 hour monitoring of the “property” within their wombs.


Stop Surrogacy Now demands recognition that children conceived for surrogacy are quality-controlled: subject to sex-selection or abandonment for disability or simple change-of-mind. Children produced through surrogacy are objects of contract as well as products of inequitable bargaining power and unregulated markets. Most often, these commercially produced children experience the sudden and complete severance of the natural bond between mother and child and are intentionally deprived of contact with and knowledge of one or both biological parents in direct violation of the U.N.’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


Signatories to Stop Surrogacy Now demand a complete stop to surrogacy in order to protect women and children worldwide and to end efforts that would seek to legitimize and normalize trafficking children.

Please sign the petition found at: Stop Surrogacy Now


I did talk about surrogacy in a previous TOB Thursday. You can read it here.



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