Theology of the Body Thursday #25: The Resurrected Body


What is life going to be like when we die? And what does it mean in this life? This blogger from Malaysia has some insightful things to say using JPII’s Theology of the Body.

For a taste:

If you believe that at the resurrection we will be bodiless, that our souls will be free from our corrupt and evil bodies, you are subscribing to the dualistic heresy of Manichaeism – a belief that the spirit is good and the body is evil.


Perhaps the belief that the body is evil is comes from the bitter experiences of suffering; either through the fault of others, our poor choices or due to difficult circumstances.

In suffering, we find ourselves unable to see beyond the present reality.


At the resurrection, Christ gives us a glimpse of the beatific vision. The hope of our redemption; body and soul.

For the rest visit: Theology of the Body- Malaysia


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