Cool Organizations: Cosmo Harms Minors


I feel like I’m personally attacking people. I know two of my closest friends read the magazine, although one glance at the cover turns me off. (Kinda ironic since most of their article titles are some variation on “how to turn somebody on.”)

Cosmo is one of (admittedly) many magazines to shove unrealistic body images down girls throats. It “celebrates” sexuality to a point that it makes sex a woman’s prime goal in life and turns women in to sex objects. It glamorizes some dangerous sex practices. Above all, it has in recent months glorified abortion and perpetuated all of the bad stereotypes out there about pro-lifers.


Note that two of the most prominent stories on the cover are sex-related.


And that isn’t unusual.



Hayden-Cosmopolitan-Cover    o-COSMO-COVERS-570

There are several groups out there fighting against this. One in particular, Cosmo Harms Women made headlines since it is founded by the granddaughter of the founder of Hearst Corporation, the largest publisher of magazines. On their website, they give a number of action steps that people can take to confront this. I highly recommend a trip to their site.

Also, if you are on Twitter, I recently found an account No Cosmo for Minors. I don’t know who runs the account, but they post good stuff. They are the ones that woke me up to this entire issue.


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