Cool Organizations: He Knows Your Name


It’s been forever since I’ve profiled a really cool organization. Today, I want to introduce you to He Knows Your Name.

This is a ministry that helps those who have lost babies in any way shape or form and, most importantly, the children they lost. They don’t ask how the child died, their purpose is to give that child dignity with a name and a dignified burial. Regardless of if the child was killed in abortion or from abuse or was a stillbirth, all children deserve respect and dignity as children of God. As it says on their about page:

He Knows Your Name was birthed in October of 2009 when the body of a newborn baby, dressed only in a diaper, was discovered in downtown Indianapolis. Three thoughts rang through my head:


A dumpster is NOT a grave!


A diaper is NOT a burial gown!


And Doe is NOT a name!


Sadly it is a fact that, even with the Safe Haven law, babies are still abandoned, buried in nameless graves, with no headstone to mark either their deaths or – more importantly – their lives.


He Knows Your Name Ministry strives to ensure that every child receives a name in life and dignity and honor in death.

What a mission! Learn more on their site.


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