What Happens if Women Walk in Faith: A Book Review and An Online Study Review



First the book:

What Happens When Women Walk in Faith is a good book for women who are trying to discern God’s will for their life and need encouragement in striving for their goals. Lysa TerKeurst shares numerous life stories of how God worked in her life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some of these stories will be highly relatable. We’ve all been disappointed. We’ve all been in inter-personal conflicts. We’ve all worked hard without seeing any fruit. We’ve all seen suffering and have not been able to intervene.

Others may make you wonder, “why was that such a big deal to her?” I know there was one story in particular that stretched more than one chapter that made me wonder that. I had to remind myself that there are probably things in my life that were a big deal to me that others wouldn’t agree was a big deal.

Each ended with a reflection. For the first time in my life, I actually did those questions and I almost filled an entire journal. It only reinforced things I already knew, but it was still a fruitful journaling and prayer time.


Now to review the online Bible study:

I read this book through the Proverbs 31 Ministries online Bible Study. OMG, they have everything and anything you could possibly want for an online Bible Study.

  • Blog posts Monday through Friday
  • Videos
  • Facebook group
  • Conference phone calls
  • Link-ups
  • Social media on every major platform

I only read the blog posts and watched some of the videos, but they were all enriching. I hope to one day do another study and participate a little more.

Disclaimer for my Catholic Friends: I know some of you are sticklers about this. Proverbs 31 isn’t a Catholic ministry. They do, however, strike perfectly that balance between being non-denominational, but still relevant and challenging.


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