Response to the House of Representatives ban on abortions after 20 weeks


The best, most thought-provoking coverage I’ve found on this was from the Peace and Life Connections newsletter from Consistent Life. To quote it in full:

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Continuing with what the U.S. Congress is up to, the House of Representatives on May 13 passed a bill stopping abortions after 20 weeks with the usual exceptions. It’s unlikely to get further, but this is more progress than we usually make against massive violence in Congress, which is well-practiced in using euphemisms to avoid the reality of how cruel violence is, especially in war. The “pain-capable” part didn’t faze those accustomed to pretending no brutality is involved (and ignoring that decisions “between a woman and her doctor” doesn’t apply since late-term abortion doctors are strangers to the woman).
Some connections:

  • A common reason for aborting so late is that the baby is discovered to have a disability. This lethal discrimination against people with disabilities has a detrimental impact on all people with disabilities.



  • A common reason for delay is that the mother is ambivalent about having an abortion, or positively doesn’t want one. She’s hiding the pregnancy, hoping  the people who would pressure her won’t be able to until it’s “too late.” The availability of late-term abortions removes this escape valve.

I hope this give you food for thought.

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