A Victory for Moms (and the Pro-Life Movement) at the Supreme Court



On March 25th, the Supreme Court decided 6-3 in favor of motherhood!

Peggy Young was a pregnant woman. Her doctor put a limit on how much she could lift toward the end of her pregnancy. Her employer, UPS, refused to reassign her to lighter duty and put her on unpaid leave. To add insult to injury, she lost her insurance coverage when she was put on leave. Needless to say, she left UPS to work elsewhere but she rightfully took her former employer to court.

This case made it’s way up to the Supreme Court where she got a partial but significant victory. The court ruled that she could make her case again to a lower court. The lower court had previously ruled that UPS’s decisions were not discriminatory. The Supreme Court disagreed with the lower court and is giving the lower court another chance to look at the case.

This is not only a victory for moms, but it is a victory for the pro-life movement. This was one of those all too rare cases in which both pro-life and pro-choice organizations signed the amicus brief in support of Young. This shows where the common ground is located and where we can begin to heal our country. Hopefully, this case will lead to dialogue rather than more screaming.

I've said it before, I say it again: Hug someone you don't agree with today!

I’ve said it before, I say it again: Hug someone you don’t agree with today!


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