Loved as I Am: A Book Review


This beautiful spiritual memoir is the perfect short book for anyone dealing with feelings of worthlessness in a society where the definition of worth is so tragically skewed.

It may seem to be a worn cliche, but it is a statement we all need to hear anew: Jesus loves you. He loves you. His love isn’t dependent on your paycheck, your fame, your sins. He loves you unconditionally. Heck, he is unconditional love itself.

This book is yet another retelling of that cliche written from the heart of a sister who has searched for fulfillment in all the wrong places. Sometimes lay people have trouble relating to the stories of people in religious orders, this is definitely not one of those books. Each chapter concludes with a prayer and some deep questions to help the reader to contemplate the text. Read with an open heart and mind, she can help the reader to enrich their relationship with God and with others.

I highly recommend this book for spiritual reading. It can be used for group study, although the questions are definitely too personal for me in that kind of setting. Many of us have heard this message so many times that we have become deaf to it. I hope that this book helps people to open themselves to this truth once again.

Loved as I Am is available at your favorite book store now. I have been given the opportunity to read this book in advance in exchange for an honest review. I thank Ave Maria Press for this opportunity.

I was able to do this through my membership with NetGalley. If you’d like the opportunity to read good books and review them for your audience, membership to NetGalley is completely free and easy to sign up! I highly recommend it!


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