50 Shades of Hunger for God

I tried to read the book. I figured I blog about women and sex stuff, I should read this book. I couldn’t get through the Kindle sample. The writing was just so bad. That said, I have been reading every article about the movie release that comes across my screen and I’ve made an observation. I want to talk to you about Christian Grey.

Christian Grey is a billionaire who becomes obsessed with Ana. He wants to take her sexually regardless of her wishes. He stalks her. He lavishes gifts upon her. He physically abuses her.

He seems to have these three traits.

  1. Omnipresent- He is everywhere she is.
  2. Omniscient- He knows everything there is to know about her (and what he doesn’t know he wants to learn).
  3. Omnipotent- Money equals power.


Women want to be chased. We want to be wanted. We want someone to pay attention to us. On some level, we want someone who will make their world revolve around us.

Mr. Grey, however, is missing one major trait.

4. Omnibenevolent- Being all-loving and infinitely good.

He calls himself, “50 shades of [messed] up.” He’s damaged. He wants to have power over her, but not power for her good, but for his pleasure. He doesn’t respect her freedom. He doesn’t respect her God-given dignity.

You probably already caught on, the four traits listed above are the 4 traits usually attributed to God. The hole this book teases is the God-shaped hole in all of us. Don’t look for these things in a fantasy lover, especially not a fantasy abusive lover. You can find these things in God.

God has been with you since the moment you were conceived. He knows everything. Everything you receive in life is a gift from Him and He is ultimately in control. He isn’t really comparable to an abusive, BDSM affair because His power has nothing to do with manipulation or His own pleasure. He may be in control, but He respects your freedom. He does what He does for your good, not His own.


Learn more from USCCB’s insightful list of God’s traits and the importance of marriage, 50 Hues of Holiness.


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