Theology of the Body #12: What Taylor Swift got wrong?


This week I’d like to share with you a thoughtful post I found elsewhere about Taylor Swift’s latest hit, “Blank Space.”

By Katherine Helmick from the blog, Love Among the Ruins, she uses this hit’s music video as a launch-pad into a reflection on the true nature of love.

When our culture rejects selfless giving, it surrenders to what John Paul II calls “perennial attraction.” Seeking sexual satisfaction leaves all human beings wanting more. Like fire, lust consumes and yet it wants finality (TOB 287). This unrelenting desire afflicted humanity when God cursed Eve, saying, “Your desire will be for your husband; he will rule over you.” Since Adam and Eve’s fall into sin, romantic relationships have suffered from imbalances that can only be remedied by the sacrificial love found in Christ.

To read more, visit here: Taylor Swift and the Emptiness of Disordered Desire


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