Theology of the Body Thursday #9: You don’t need a degree to figure this one out.

Sarcasm Alert.


A conversation overheard at the laundromat:

“He rides her and then spends $50 on this pill then she takes it,” a talkative patron says incredulously.

“Really?” the friendly worker responds.

“Yeah, and she’s all like ‘I love him’ and ‘we’re going to get married’ and I’m like, ‘are you stupid?'” the patron explains.

“No kidding,” the worker agrees.

Yeah, he totally loves her and I can think of two ways you know for sure.

  1. The most obvious: he doesn’t want her to have his baby. He’s willing to go to extremes to make sure she doesn’t have his baby. A baby would be a permanent link between the couple, and why would he want that? As some people say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
  2. He’s willing to flood her body with powerful hormones on a regular basis so he can get his kicks. I’m not going to deny that women can get pleasure from sex as well, but in this relationship, she’s taking all the risk and he’s taking a substantial chunk of the reward. She’s suffering the side effects of the Plan B pill. She’ll have issues in the future for taking the Plan B pill as a primary form of birth control when even it’s makers didn’t intend it thus.

Yup, this sounds like true love to me and this guy is a real keeper. And even a couple of non-Catholic, non-theologians gossiping at a laundromat can see that.

Seriously, though, if you are in a relationship like this, get out! You deserve better than this.



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