The Birth of the Pill: A Review


I came across this book after reading a review on a conservative Catholic website. The reviewer marveled at the fact that Eig clearly did all the research and was very candid in telling the story, but still came across as pro-birth control.

I have to echo that sentiment. I can only speak to his research into Margaret Sanger since she has been a subject of my research for over a year now. He was completely accurate in his description of Sanger’s life, thought, and person. He was completely and perfectly candid about everything that led to the creation of the first birth control pill.

He didn’t put the creators above criticism. He even made a pretty even-handed attempt at explaining the Catholic Church’s view. It was lacking any real detail, but he got the gist quite nicely and he referenced such scholars as Dr. Janet E. Smith in his selected bibliography. He does, however, make it sound like the Church’s view on birth control was something that was just made up for the first time in the 1930’s. I think I can forgive him that.

Another brief criticism: in the end, he only sites one study that seemed to demonstrate that the pill has no long-lasting effects. Given the author’s bias, that shouldn’t come as any surprise.


This image, which is shared in the book, really tells you all you need to know about why birth control meant so much to Margaret Sanger.


I got it from the library, but I fully intend to purchase a physical copy of the book. This is the highest compliment from me because I will only buy physical books that I intend to either share or use as a reference. Otherwise, I always either get it from the library or buy a Kindle version.

I think that anyone who works in women’s health or works to promote NFP needs a copy of this book. It will allow people who work against artificial birth control to understand the other side and the personalities that created it. The book is unquestionably pro-birth control, but the story is through and honest. It reads like an exciting novel, yet is full of facts. I really can’t praise this book enough. Get a copy today!


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