7 Quick Takes: Bethanie Cleans Off Her Desktop Edition #1

Today I give you a hodge-podge of random stuff that has been sitting on my desktop for a while. On my desktop, I keep an ever growing pile of stuff to “someday” write about. The huge pile is starting to annoy me.

— 1 —


A self-explanatory quote about marriage

— 2 —


Another self-explanatory quote about motherhood and a mother’s sixth sense.

— 3 —


When I saw this political ad on my FB feed a while back, I felt convicted. I’m totally guilty of this. I think we all are. We bitch and moan about things online. We sign petitions thinking that we’re doing something. Never mind the person suffering at our front door. Look at this cartoon and think about what is a concrete act you can do this week to really help someone. Here’s a good website full of ideas to get you started.

— 4 —


Speaking of the devil (slacktivism), I just hope that the above quote gives you something to say the next time you talk to a pro-choice person about the suffering of a woman in a crisis pregnancy.

— 5 —


On a lighter note.

— 6 —


And to go deep again. Ever feel like this? This guy has a lot of thought-provoking paintings like this. Check out his website here.

— 7 —


I think this fits in quite nicely with all the other pics I’ve shared and it is a fitting conclusion. Never abandon your spouse. Never abandon your children. Help people, particularly those in crisis pregnancies. And, always, always pray and participate in the sacraments. Never throw people away. Their value is immeasurable.

Now my desktop looks like this:


Expect that I will be doing another purging next week.

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