Vote! Your voice matters!

This is just a friendly reminder that today is election day and you should vote! 


It’s also St. Charles Borromeo’s feast day. He would want you to vote, too. This Catholic Reformation saint would want you to pray and vote what is right, not what is popular. He struggled against the grain the entire time he served as Bishop and made plenty of enemies. But only one Person’s opinion counts, God’s!

Women’s Equality?

I do want to make a quick comment about the ballot. Governor Cuomo and some other Democrats made the “Women’s Equality” party here in New York. They did it so that their names would appear on the ballot a few more times and to falsely advertise their views.

I want to make it clear that I am not supporting or putting down any particular major party. Neither of the two biggest parties in the US (Democrat or Republican) truly works in line with the priorities and values of the Catholic Church.

This “Women’s Equality” party however, is just one big lie. Cuomo’s ten point plan is full of good and valuable things like support for victims of domestic violence and tougher penalties for discrimination against women. It has one big issue however: It does strengthen and expand abortion. Already, more black children are aborted than born in New York City. This tells me that the answer is not expanding abortion but asking “why are so many dark-skinned women drawn to it? How are we failing them?” The first nine points would have passed and become law a year ago, but the “Women’s Equality” party demanded all-or-nothing. They don’t care about “Women’s Equality”! All they care about is the pro-abortion lobby!


Bethanie Ryan writing here as an individual, not as a representative of JPII Center: Personally, I’m not going to vote for anyone who claims to be part of the so-called “Women’s Equality” party. This is kinda painful for me as a self-identified pro-life Democrat. But abortion does not make women equal. Abortion is a sign that our society is failing women and their children.



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