Wise Words from Gloria Steinem



Yes, I’m sharing a quote from pro-abortion feminist Gloria Steinem on my pro-life blog. Everyone is a human being. I am a firm believer that people are not evil, but what they do certainly can be. So there.

But enough justifying myself. I thought of this quote last night when I once again heard about a pro-life speaker being subjected to rude, hateful, and sometimes just strange abuse from pro-choicers.

Why are some pro-choicers so angry? Heck, why are some pro-lifers so angry? I know pro-choicers don’t have the monopoly on the crazy.

I have an idea. Maybe we’re all so angry at the situation. Pro-lifers are angry that over 3,000 children are killed daily. They are angry to be screaming in a world that they don’t think cares and whose values are so completely warped.

Pro-choicers are angry because women are forced into the decision. Also, they aren’t stupid, they know that what is being killed is at least a potential life (I know it’s more than that, but for the sake of argument). They just feel that some sort of autonomy trumps life.


Then they hear a speaker like Feminists for Life President, Serrin Foster. Here is a woman who hears the cries of the impoverished women waiting for abortions, who wants to “systematically eliminate the root causes that drive women to abortion.” She’s not the stereotypical religious nut, she makes sense and she’s on the woman’s side.

No one wants to change. In a day with On Demand Cable, blogs for every political niche, and I-pod plug-ins in every car, no one needs to, much less wants to, hear something they don’t want to hear. That is the root cause of all of today’s ills. We talk about each other more than we talk to each other.

And, yes, hearing the truth or hearing someone else’s perspective can and will initially piss you off. But you will be a better person for it.



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