Theology of the Body Thursday #3: Can Christians Swing?

You might have seen this article in the past couple days come across your social media account. The short, sensational article talks about a couple who uses their swinging lifestyle to “spread the Gospel.” And, no, I’m not talking about swing dancing.

The video below is also part of the article. I share it here because my response is in direct response to it:

Dear Christian swingers,

I feel quite confident in speaking for God saying:

“Thus says the LORD: Dean, quit it! ‘Swinging’ is a sin. Lust, which is what you are indulging in, is in fact a deadly sin. Just because I don’t mention something explicitly as off-limits in the Bible, it doesn’t mean it’s allowed. I gave you guidelines and I gave you the ability to reason so you could apply those guidelines to other situations.”

I’m not saying you’re bad people and I certainly do not have the authority to say you’re going to hell. Unlike many of the commenters on the article and the video, I’m not going to make cheap, immature potshots at your looks or the sincerity of your faith.

You are correct to say that sex is a wonderful thing and it was made by God. In his Theology of the Body, Saint John Paul II in fact taught that sex in a monogamous, married relationship mirrors the very love of God. God is a fruitful communion of Persons, just as a married couple is a communion in their vows and fruitful in having children.

Sex is a wonderful thing that you are cheapening with your overuse and abuse. If you overuse something, it’s no longer special. If you share that marriage bed with someone else, you are no longer reflecting the love of God. The love of God is faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9). Unfaithful love, even with your spouses permission, isn’t God’s love.

Sex is pleasurable and God does want us to experience pleasure, but not without discipline and faithfulness to His Word. Experiencing pleasure for the sake of pleasure and making pleasure be your ultimate good, even if your gratitude goes to the right place, is called hedonism.

Your heart is in the right place. Jesus did, in fact, dine with sinners. He did become friends with prostitutes and tax-collectors. In order to spread the Gospel you do have to meet people where they are. But, Jesus didn’t engage in the sin. Jesus didn’t sleep with the prostitute or condone the tax-collector abusing his power.

Meeting someone where they are doesn’t mean joining them in sin. It means recognizing them as children of God and treating them as such. It means trying to see the world through their point of view. It means imagining yourself in their shoes. It means showing them compassion and respect. It means telling them what God needs them to hear in this place in their lives with patience and love. 

God bless you. I pray that God will show you a better way to show His love and teach His Gospel.

In God’s Love,




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