7 Quick Takes: Good News Edition


It seems as if we’ve been inundated with bad news lately. I could rattle a bunch of them off, but I don’t think anyone needs that. What we need is good news! Strange news! Funny news! Without further ado…

— 1 —

Let me start you off with a young man who was desperate to keep his job. He lies about witnessing a horrific murder so that he wouldn’t get fired for delivering a pizza late. Worth a shot, right? Well, the news doesn’t say if he still has a job or not, but he is behind bars charged with filing a false report.

— 2 —

Altered fireworks, live chickens, weapons and marijuana, oh my! That was all found in an overturned SUV in Alaska. Must’ve been going to one heck of a party! There is cause to mourn, however. As the last sentence in the article states, “Baylous [the suspect] said he didn’t know the fate of the chickens.” Thirty of them got out of the crashed vehicle never to be seen again. Except maybe somebody’s dinner plate.

— 3 —

In the midst of the rioting in Ferguson, there was a visit by Tibetan Buddhist monks. It is part of a long-planned national tour, although the visit to Ferguson to pray was unplanned. They then visited the Healing Arts Center, where they made and destroyed a sand mandala. The video below talks about it. See it here if the embedded video isn’t working.

— 4 —

You can’t do a 7 Quick Takes like this without a feel-good hero story. The man above and a friend helped save people from a burning building that claimed one life and injured 9 people.

— 5 —

In a St. Petersburg, FL Starbucks, 700 people have “paid it forward” during kindness chains. The one this week happened over the course of an entire day (Wednesday) with a store record of 450 people. This is not unusual for this location or for any store in the Starbucks chain. As a worker says, people just want to extend kindness by paying for the person behind them.

— 6 —

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Black Mass that is planned in Oklahoma City. The archbishop is relieved today after the return of the consecrated host that was going to be desecrated in the ceremony. He is still concerned that the ceremony will go on and he is holding a Holy Hour for the time that it is supposed to take place. Let us pray in thanksgiving for the Eucharist’s return and pray for the cancelling of the ceremony.

— 7 —



An important thing to remember when things are bad.

Finding Favour- Say Amen

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