Dynamic Women of the Bible: A Review


Awesome, awesome book! When I received this book from the publisher, it was in a format that I could only read on my computer. Honestly, I blew off reading it for a month because the last thing I wanted to do was read a book on my computer. Three hundred pages? Staring at a computer screen? Please! Once I started, however, I had a hard time stopping. The writing was entertaining and engaging. I was easily able to read all 334 pages on my computer, and thankfully, you won’t have to.

In this book, Tucker systematically looks at many of the women mentioned in the Bible. From Eve to the women mentioned in Paul’s letters, she takes their stories and breathes into them new life. She tells their stories using modern words and concepts. She uses her imagination to fill in the all-too-many gaps.

As a faithful Catholic, however, I do unfortunately need to add one caveat. I really wish I didn’t, I generally loved this book so much. Several times in the last 6 chapters, she said things that are offensive to Catholic sensibility. You can’t entirely blame her. She has an evangelical Calvinist background. It should be no surprise that her views on Mary and the deuterocanonical texts do not align with Catholic views. It is impressive that she even mentioned the deuterocanonical heroine, Judith. Many Protestant scholars wouldn’t have done that.

But I’ve spent enough time on my regrettable caveat. Yes, she does add things that are not found in the Biblical texts. Once or twice, she even says things that seem to go against the texts, but she is upfront about it when she does so. The book is also peppered with interesting quotes taken from other scholars and writers about the various women. I think the quotes really added another dimension. The quotes led me to adding even more books to my reading list. She really placed herself in the stories and encouraged the reader to do the same.

She has made me want to crack open the stories of some these Biblical women again. I hope she does the same to you. I fully intend to buy this book myself so I can read it again, this time not on a computer screen.

Dynamic Women of the Bible is available now. I have been given the opportunity to read this book in advance in exchange for an honest review. I thank Baker Books for this opportunity.

I was able to do this through my membership with NetGalley. If you’d like the opportunity to read good books and review them for your audience, membership to NetGalley is completely free and easy to sign up! I highly recommend it!

If you would like to read more about the Catholic views on the deuterocanon and Mary, I recommend the following articles:

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