7 Quick Takes: #WomenAgainstFeminism edition


As promised Tuesday, here are some other brief thoughts I have about #WomenAgainstFeminism

— 1 —

I will only address #5 here. When you’re a woman walking by yourself minding your own business and a guy stares at you and starts breathing heavily, that scares you. You don’t know if that guy is going to follow you home or attack you right there.

The news is full of scary stories like that (For example: There have been 6 stories about rape in my area reported on the news in the last 2 weeks, and, yes, in one case the rapist was a woman).

We’re practically trained by our society to be scared of one another. Remember the “stranger danger” stuff they shoved down our throats in elementary school. Many of us do not assume the best in others. While equating it with non-consensual intercourse is unreasonable, the fear is very real.

— 2 —

You’re right, it shouldn’t be shocking. Good for your brother.

— 3 —

And Gloria Steinem equated housewives to “grown children” and “parasites.” An amazing thing is that a lot of these old guard feminists have softened their views in their old age. Maybe having kids and grandkids does that to you. Check out this video of Ms. Steinem from 2012:

Enough defending the old guard, however. Check out below for an awesome buzzfeed post about New Feminism.

— 4 —

I have never heard anyone say that a sex worker deserves to be raped, but I do purposefully avoid ignorance and hatred, so I could have missed it. Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but that doesn’t make it right. She won’t see much support in the New Feminist movement either, but she might see more compassion. Who knows what is in her past that makes her feel that porn was a good idea. She says emphatically on her site that she’s not an abuse survivor. Maybe it’s the attention. Maybe it’s hedonism. Using and being used is not pleasure. Using and being used is not good for society.

— 5 —

We all hear what we want to hear. All of us, no exception (I’m certainly no exception). I can tell you that a bastion of second and third wave feminism, Feminist Majority Foundation has a whole division dedicated to international issues. Feminists.com covers many international issues. V-Day, a group that is well-known for promoting the Vagina Monologues and combating sexual violence on college campuses, also has activists in Africa working against the violence there. So, I don’t think it’s fair to say that second and third wave feminists completely ignore international issues.

But, enough defending them. I do think international issues do need more attention because, frankly, we western women have it pretty stinking good. Check out fourth wave below.

— 6 —

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

– Brigham Young (And others)

It’s not just a trite quote. Simply giving a woman a primary education slashes child mortality by a third. When women are better educated, children of both genders are better educated and children of both genders get better nutrition (source). Of course, some of this is based on the mentality that better educated women use birth control and birth control will save the world. We know that’s bunk. But neither gender exist in a vacuum. Helping one will help the other and studies have shown that helping women improves society faster and more dramatically (Example). This is not to completely ignore men, this is to target one area that we know will work.

— 7 —

Now, check out this awesome Buzzfeed article from my friends at Feminists for Non-Violent Choices. Ya’ll rock!


Here’s a sample from the article.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: #WomenAgainstFeminism edition

  1. I love the last picture. That’s really what it comes down to-equality for the entire human race. And realistically, who wouldn’t want that? No one would openly say that they’re AGAINST equality, so why are they AGAINST feminism then? Fantastic post. Care to check out my blog? downwiththenorm.com

  2. “I will only address #5 here. When you’re a woman walking by yourself minding your own business and a guy stares at you and starts breathing heavily, that scares you. You don’t know if that guy is going to follow you home or attack you right there.”
    “We all hear what we want to hear. All of us, no exception (I’m certainly no exception).”

    And apparently see and imagine what your want reality to be too, I love how you had no rebuttal point about all the other reasons she doesn’t need feminism.

    Have fun in your bubble.

    • 7 Quick Takes usually involve only a paragraph or two a take. I’ve gotten complaints before for being wordy on my quick takes. That’s the reason why I only addressed #5, because #5 was the one that touched me most closely. I’m glad you did read the rest of the blog post so you see I’m not entirely defending 2nd and 3rd wave Feminism. I’m a New Feminist. There is a little overlap, but numerous important differences like abortion, birth control, and SAHM issues.

      No one is immune to being in their own bubble. In some ways, it’s natural. We all look at the world through the lens of our experiences, worldviews, accumulated wisdom and errors. It’s also an unfortunate by-product of our society. For example, we have so many news outlets, we can all choose to hear only the news we want to hear.

      Which leads directly into my third point. Since there are so many options out there, media outlets reach for the most sensational stories to report. Violence and sex sells newspapers. So (intentionally or not) they end up scaring the crap out of many of us, deteriorating our trust for one another. Which makes “stare rape” into a real issue for some women, not because of what is done, but what they are afraid will be done.

      God bless and thank you for commenting!

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